From App Failures to Earning 15 Lakh

In the world of mobile apps, achieving success can be challenging. However, my journey as an app developer has been a testament to resilience and determination. Let me share with you my inspiring story of overcoming failures and ultimately earning an impressive 15 Lakh.

Chapter 1: The First App – “Knock”
My app development journey started with my very first app, “Knock,” built using the Xamarin platform. Despite encountering various obstacles, I dedicated my weekends and nights to bring my vision to life. However, the app faced multiple issues, leading to its failure. As a newcomer, I was unaware of policy changes that resulted in my account being terminated. It was disheartening, but I saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Chapter 2: Learning and Progress with Flutter
Undeterred by the setbacks, I decided to master Flutter, a powerful app development framework. With limited resources and an old laptop that often hung, I persevered through the challenges. Finally, I developed my next app, “iLearn” PSC, which took a year to complete.

Chapter 3: Marketing Struggles and YouTube Mishaps
Creating a great app is only half the battle; marketing is crucial. I delved into online advertising and even tried promoting the app through humorous YouTube videos. Unfortunately, this approach backfired as my YouTube account was terminated due to policy violations. As a result, my app was also removed. It was a setback, but I refused to give up.

Chapter 4: A New Beginning and an Unexpected Partnership
When I felt lost, a friend who had used my app reached out to me. He needed a new app but had limited funds. Despite my own challenges, I selflessly helped him build the app from scratch. We decided to become partners and share the profits.

Chapter 5: Triumph Through Hard Work
For two years, we worked tirelessly on our new venture. We started with a basic plan priced at 99 Rs per month, offering quality content, quizzes, and daily exams. Through perseverance and dedication, we gradually gained a loyal user base. Despite expenses, our joint efforts resulted in earning more than 15 Lakh.

Conclusion: A Story of Persistence and Stability
My journey from app failures to earning 15 Lakh has been an incredible learning experience. It taught me to never give up and to adapt to new technologies. By embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and forming unexpected partnerships, I turned my passion into a stable source of income. Remember, success often lies beyond failures, and even the simplest of plans can lead to remarkable achievements.

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